Demo Exercises


Moscow Celebrates its 867th Anniversary

Level A 15 min

Russia has something to celebrate. It may be facing sanctions by the EU for its role in the Ukraine crisis but on Saturday there was dancing in the streets. Moscow is celebrating its 867th birthday and residents have come out to mark its anniversary. They were treated to more than a thousand performances ranging from concerts to stilt walking and a parade.....


Massive Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina

Level B 15 min

STORY: 77 million years ago, this massive animal walked the Earth with nothing to fear, which is why paleontologists named the newly discovered dinosaur – dreadnought us. Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University led the excavation in Argentina. After analysing the fossil remains, he says the giant dinosaur had the largest calculable weight of any animal ever discovered....


Say I Love You With A Selfie

Level C 15 min

In the City of Love - a lovers' tradition has become a nuisance. Couples have attached padlocks to the railings of Paris bridges for several years. The so-called "love locks" meant to symbolise their everlasting love. "I think it's a concept of sealing your love, and throwing the keys away then if he wants to break up he needs to dive in the water and get it." But this abundance of affection comes at a cost. In June a metal grill on the Pont des Arts footbridge collapsed onto the walkway....


Indian Artist Creates A Replica of The Taj Mahal

Business 15 min

India's most famous monument now has a miniature version. 35 craftsmen worked for the past three years to build an exact replica of the Taj Mahal in the central Indian city of Bhopal. It's a dream come true for the businessman behind the project, Syed Hanif.....